Strategic, Digital Planning

Marketing your business is a constant requirement, and in the growing digital age, it’s sometimes impossible to know where to start or how to spend your budget efficiently. We apply a consultative approach when we meet with clients to thoroughly understand their business, customers, needs and goals. Our results-oriented team will develop a customized, effective solution with speed, creativity and accuracy.



Directory Listing: Control your brand experience across the digital universe. Keep your business information and data up to date and protected on all search engines, maps, apps, voice assistants and other services that drive consumer discovery and decision making.

Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and more. All managed by a real live, non-robotic human.

Social Media Marketing: Target and reach your exact audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Geofencing: Advanced location based technology to target behaviorally, geographically and competitively to your potential customer’s mobile device. Measure online to offline conversions in your business location.

Retargeting: Site, search and contextual retargeting to re-engage with potential customers who have intent.

Search Engine Marketing: Gain prominent ad positioning on Google, Yahoo and Bing! with lead conversion based software, call recording and transparent reporting with call tracking.



What does your digital storefront look like? Can your consumers “window shop” from their smartphone on your website and do you impress them in 7 seconds?  Our “White Glove” approach takes the heavy lifting off our clients. The initial development involves a discovery conversations to define the necessary navigation, functionality and content for the site through the color palette and photo selection. We present work to the client, collect feedback and finalize. Our sites are responsive (mobile friendly) and include fully developed search engine optimization (SEO).  Our hosting clients also enjoy quick turnaround for site updates and maximum security protection. We do not hold your website as ransom and aren’t interested in billing you every time we touch your website to make minimal edits monthly…it’s part of our annual hosting service.



For a new business or a business that wants to rebrand or modernize, it is paramount to have a solid brand and identity. From the first moment someone hears your name or sees your logo, they create a perception about your business. Invest wisely in your logo and brand identity, to ensure it communicates your business effectively and represent your brand correctly from day one. More importantly, you want your identity to remain strong and timely into the future, maximizing it’s value. At Digital Tulip we offer numerous visual communications and design services, from brand strategy and development, logo design and identity materials for advertising and signage, to help you launch a new business or re-launch. 



Video content creates dynamic, social media ads with proven, increased engagement.   Websites also benefit from video as they enrich the brand experience through landing pages, lead toward interactive consumer engagement and allow for personnel features.  With the growing age of video, cord cutters and streaming services, connected TV (CTV) opens a new channel for advertising with Over The Top (OTT) ad placements on YouTube, Sling, Apple TV and Roku among others.  Click here to learn more about our video production services.



Public Relations thrives on long term, professional media relationships. As a dedicated communication tactic for high level business development, PR solutions benefit new businesses, rebrands, large scale public events and reputation management. Digital Tulip offers public relations services for their clients to craft and deliver statements, promote through proper channels to facilitate and prepare for interviews when additional communication is required. Instead of paying for visibility and placement with promotion, engage Digital Tulip for a strategic content-marketing focused public relations campaign that can be seamlessly woven into the digital marketing initiatives for maximum benefit and increased coverage.



“Digital Tulip has been great to work with. Quick turnaround times, fast results and there hasn’t been a single thing we’ve asked for that they have not delivered.” –  Hospital Marketing Director, LifePoint
“Digital Tulip made the process of revitalizing our company website easy! Kristy’s attention to detail and incredible creativity helped us develop a site that looks great and, most importantly, provides the information our patients are seeking.” – Dr. Michael C. Allen PSC, Lexington Foot and Ankle Center, PSC
“Digital Tulip has revamped our website and has enabled us to grow our practice and streamline the patient registration process. They have taken an outdated site and turned it into a living, breathing website which has the flexibility to maintain up to date information and communicate new technology to our client base. We see patients every day who say ‘You had me at your website’.” – Dr. Debbie Phillips, Lexington Dermatology and Laser Center
“Every time I direct a client or potential lead to my new website, it makes me smile. Conversations are easier and more efficient because my clients can access a full description of the facility and see my commitment to helping them grow their business. Thanks, Digital Tulip, for showing me that a small business can benefit from having a big online presence!” – Amy Allen, President, Six Winters Farm
“Kristy and the Digital Tulip team created a very noticeable difference in a short time in the growth of my pediatric practice. She knew the avenues to pursue to reach the most potential patients and how to appeal to them. My volume grew by 150% in a years time!! Would highly reccomend Digital Tulip for any digital marketing needs.” – Dr. Lauren Kostelnik, Clark Regional Medical Center
“A little over a year ago we decided to do some advertising for my business for the first time since its inception in 1998. I met with several companies prior to meeting with Digital Tulip and within minutes I was overly impressed with their knowledge and obvious abilities. I made my decision to retain their services on the spot. Digital Tulip treats SRI as if it is their own business. They constantly work to make our marketing campaigns better to improve my company. Over the past year we have seen unbelievable growth and attribute this success to the services Digital Tulip provides us. They simply are the best at what they do. Digital Tulip is a true partner to our company and we look forward to the future with Digital Tulip by our side.” – Joey Stidham, Stidham Reconstruction and Investigation, LLC


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