Growing healthy numbers begins with our formula that effectively targets, reaches and communicates to an exact audience with pin-point accuracy.

In the medical world, if a patient has a serious or specific health issue, they seek a specialist. In Digital Marketing it is just as important to seek a specialist with the highest qualifications to target and cure your specific ailment. And like most patients, you want the best, one that has stellar character, and a reputation for delivering impressive results.

There are plenty of patients, but leading them to your doorstep is a constant challenge, and sometimes a battle to attract the right type.  Prospect patients are very active partners in their medical journey. Therefore the following numbers prove just how crucial your digital marketing is: 88% start with online search engines (non branded keywords) when looking for health information, 77% of patients used Search prior to booking an appointment, and an alarming 48% of existing healthcare listings show significant inaccuracies.

Healthcare Stats

At Digital Tulip, not only do we offer an astute strategist, sophisticated technology, solid experience with 25 medical specialties and 8 hospitals, a reputation for increasing new patient acquisitions and putting hospitals, clinics and physicians on the map, but we have proven results to back it up. See our numbers for yourself.







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