Video Production Services

Video traffic will account for 80% of internet usage in 2019 with 51% of all videos are watched on a mobile device.
Best Practice Recommendations indicate that videos that are two minute or less videos gain the most engagement.

Other statistics are also quite staggerings:
– The message retention rate with video is 95% vs. 10% with image/text.
– Videos also produce 33% more engagement.

What does this really mean for your current digital footprint?
Check out our breakdown below.

{ W E B S I T E }

Use of video increased website traffic by up to 55%. Dynamic landing pages with video can increase website conversions by 80%+ and also contribute to a 157% overall increase in organic traffic.

{ S O C I A L  M E D I A }

Social ads using video generated 1200% more shares.
Video is now the second most popular creative option for effective social media marketing with the initiative of increasing brand awareness.

{ Y O U T U B E }

A YouTube presence with quality, short videos increases search-ability and multi-channel promotion.
YouTube now has OVER one billion users, watching 500+ million hours of videos daily. So, it should come as no surprise that YouTube is the second most trafficked website after Google with the highest demographic using the platform to be 18-34 year olds.

Leveraging Your Business with Video

It all starts with fresh content that puts your best foot forward.
People know what your business looks, smells and feels like from the palm of their hand.

Video content creates dynamic, social media ads with proven, increased engagement.
Websites also benefit from video as they enrich the brand experience through landing pages, lead toward interactive consumer engagement and allow for personnel features.

With the growing age of video, cord cutters and streaming services, connected TV (CTV) opens a new channel for advertising with Over The Top (OTT) ad placements on YouTube, Sling, Apple TV and Roku among others.

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