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To Blog Or Not To Blog?


Blogging can be an effective lead generation strategy, if and when it’s done the right way. The majority of companies that hope to use content marketing to grow their businesses all understand that blogging is one of the most effective strategies to do so. Big corporations, start-ups and even smaller companies are buying into it. Internet marketers, freelancers and agencies all use blogging as a means of generating qualified leads for their businesses. Blogging is also a great tool for encouraging customer interaction and growing your engagement. Some benefits include your ability to:

Reach more customers through strategic content marketing
Get the […]

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What Is Re-targeting And Why Is It Important?

Have you ever noticed that after visiting a website, suddenly an ad for that site pops up in your Facebook feed or on other websites or a mobile app? When you visited the website initially, it put a code into your browsing history, allowing it to follow your web activity. When you visit a different site or Facebook, the code triggers those sites to show the initial site’s ads. Slightly mind-blowing isn’t it?

Re-targeting is an online version of the basic sales and advertising principle of the follow-up. Without re-targeting, your website has only one shot to convert. All motivation to […]

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Do you #hashtag?

According to Wikipedia a hashtag is a type of label or meta tag used on social networks which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Love em’ or hate em’ #hashtags are here to stay!

The mighty #hashtag is now a staple of or our everyday social media diet. This little symbol keeps us in conversation with the world. It’s not just limited to public posts, though. Many of us hashtag words, sometimes even whole sentences, on private platforms including emails, instant messages and even real-life conversations (ironically though, of course). #WeveAllDoneIt #DontPretendLikeYouHavent
One of […]

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New Director of Operations

Meet Beth Shewmaker, Digital Tulip’s new Director of Operations.  Beth brings over 14 years of diverse media and marketing experience to Digital Tulip. Her project management skills are dynamite and she has a rare strategic social media “touch”.  Beth works with our clients to ensure their campaigns are running properly and that they understand their reporting and analytics, and she keeps our development projects on task/timeline…in other words, she manages Digital Tulip’s agency operations.  Beth also has a unique ability to multi-task and keep details in perspective. She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a major in Broadcasting/Electronic […]

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Media multi-tasking is on the rise!

If you’re like most, the time you spend actually setting down to watch television is probably not what it used to be in this turbo paced society. However, research is showing that people are still watching and those still watching are taking action. According to July 2015 polling, Market Track found that more than half of US internet users watch commercials on TV, as opposed to fast-forwarding through them, channel-surfing or simply leaving the room when they came on. And when commercials do cause viewers to act, digital research is the most common response. Another 17% research items in-store. Nearly […]

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The Path To Legal Hire Is Changing

The web is crucial for those in search of legal services!
For attorneys, when it comes to getting new clients, TIME is of the essence. From making sure that prospective clients find you quickly, to having the tools in place to respond to them as soon as possible, being timely is frequently the difference between signing a new client…and not.

These quick statistics from Google show how people are using the web more and more to find their attorneys.


Stat: 71% of people look for an attorney within 25 miles.

Tip #1: Optimize your digital marketing to focus on local prospects.

Tip #2: Localize your […]

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PROOF POSITIVE: 18-Month Success Story

Digital Tulip works with multiple broadcast companies across the country. We provide the blueprint and tactics to efficiently execute a digital business inside any media company. We work in partnership with organizations, offering support and training to generate revenue faster. The real advantage of working with us…there is no trial and error. We have a PROVEN formula of success. FAST success.

Here is a case study of a broadcast television company (NBC and CBS affiliate) that we’ve been working with over the last 18 months. Every department at this station embraced digital as part of its daily routine. News talent took […]

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Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has recently expanded their video marketing capabilities.
Video on Facebook combines the power of sight, sound and motion with unparalleled reach, mobile engagement and fine-grained targeting capabilities.
For advertisers who specifically want to drive video views, “video views” will be a new objective to choose from on Facebook when you create a campaign.  Facebook will automatically optimize these ads to be shown to the people most likely to view videos on Facebook, across devices and across target audiences.

Last Friday (11.21.14) Digital Tulip sat in on a Facebook training session on video ads with a Facebook staffer.  Here are some of the key […]

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Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics

11 Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics You Need to Know:
1 Million: # of small or medium sized businesses advertising on Facebook
500,000: # of Facebook pages promoting posts
2.5 Million: # of Facebook promoted posts
59% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile
21.7%: Facebook’s share of worldwide mobile internet ad revenue in 2014
45%of ads in the 2013 Super Bowl that included Twitter hashtags
81%of Twitter’s advertising revenue that came from mobile
$200,000: Cost of a 24-Hour Promoted Trend on Twitter
$5.6 Billion: Gross $ that YouTube was expected to generate in 2016
$850 Million: Amount of revenue from video advertisements on YouTube served in the US
$100 Million: […]

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Problems With Small – Business Websites

Websites are a critical meeting point between small/medium sized businesses and their customers. Maintaining an optimized site is crucial to acquiring new customers, yet 1/3 of small businesses maintain their website themselves, neglecting key functions that consumers want, like mobile optimization, social network integration and user-friendly design. This graphic looks at the costly mistakes small business owners make when they try to maintain their own website.

Do any of these statistics apply to your business?


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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Retargeting

The average website conversion rate is a little more than 2 percent. In other words, nearly all of the people who visit a site for the first time leave without some form of desired action.
That’s why many brands have turned to retargeting, which focuses on getting those previous visitors back to your site. Retargeting can be accomplished via display ads, search, e-mail, and now social media, as well as via Facebook’s FBX ad exchange and Twitter’s new retargeting option.
According to research we’ve found from around the Web, there’s no question about it: Retargeted ads can influence conversion.
1. In a study that […]

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Social Media Marketing: If You Build It, Will They Come?

In the movie Field of Dreams, an Iowa corn farmer hears a voice in his head that says, “If you build it, they will come.”  You may have the same voice in your head when thinking about utilizing social media for your company.  However, with the ever-changing social media world its not as easy as just ‘build it’ anymore.

We are hired by local businesses to manage content posting on social sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.).  One thing we have learned over the last year and half:  There is a huge lack of understanding about the targeted marketing capabilities on social media.  Writing content […]

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Digital Marketing Seminar in Richmond, IN

Excited to be spending the day in Richmond, Indiana with Brewer Broadcasting and Digital Track Media speaking at their Digital Marketing seminars.

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Operational Fulfillment Services Now Available

Selling is the easy part of building a digital business…..but what happens after the sale?

Many companies (sales personnel) struggle with operational support and time management to adequately support their sale leading to frustrated customers and missing out on repeat business. We can help satisfy this with our full turn-key fulfillment services all under your umbrella.

Digital Tulip is staffed to support your media organization operationally.  Need help with fulfilling the campaigns and services your team sells?  We can help!

Digital Tulip can develop websites, purchase/manage your online campaigns, create email blasts, write blogs or post content on your clients social media pages and more.

Let us help […]

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Don’t Tread Water

Anyone a fan of Netflix’s “House of Cards”?  While watching the first season this past week I heard the quote “Treading water is the same as drowning for people like you and me.” and for some reason this quote resonated with me.

Water treading is an aspect of swimming that involves a swimmer to stay in a vertical position in the water while keeping his or her head above the surface of the water. Treading water provides the swimmer an opportunity to keep the head from becoming submerged while not providing sufficient directional thrust to overcome inertia and propel the swimmer in any specific direction.

Professionally…I urge you to swim! […]

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