Digital Marketing Blog - Part 4

New Media Requires New Thinking

As I put together a proposal today for a local business I had an “ah-ha” moment.  The complexities of digital media being sold in traditional media companies has been centered around the wrong thing….margin.  There is real fear that we will just be shifting dollars, and what I’ve found is actually the exact opposite.  Digital dollars help secure and grow traditional revenue….proven time and time again.

Traditional media companies (print, radio, broadcast) have had the advantage of keeping the majority (if not all) the margin of what they were selling.  Traditional media is what it is, an ad in the section […]

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Hiring Digital Sales Leadership – A Treasure Hunt

Finding talent for any position you’re trying to fill can be difficult and exhausting.  Finding a leader with digital knowledge and a high level of drive can be even more difficult.  It’s true, that our digital world has increased the digital talent pool in the last 5 years, but still…these people are rare and in high demand.

I have learned from experience that when looking for digital talent, posting a position in the paper or online usually gets you little to no potential candidates.  You almost have to define the person you are looking for and use your resources to get […]

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