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Operational Fulfillment Services Now Available

Selling is the easy part of building a digital business…..but what happens after the sale?

Many companies (sales personnel) struggle with operational support and time management to adequately support their sale leading to frustrated customers and missing out on repeat business. We can help satisfy this with our full turn-key fulfillment services all under your umbrella.

Digital Tulip is staffed to support your media organization operationally.  Need help with fulfilling the campaigns and services your team sells?  We can help!

Digital Tulip can develop websites, purchase/manage your online campaigns, create email blasts, write blogs or post content on your clients social media pages and more.

Let us help take the daily stress of monitoring, scheduling, tracking, etc. so your team can focus on the increasing revenue.

We understand that quick response is key.  That why we promise to keep 24 hour ticket response window.

The real advantage of working with us…there is no trial and error. Many times companies with new digital operations struggle with the nuts and bolts of kicking off campaigns after the sell. We have a proven formula of success. Fast success.  We can help your digital division run smoothly and alleviate the operational stress.  All our services are fully customizable to fit your needs.  We can work with your preferred products and vendors or help connect you with some of the best in the business.

Customized Fulfillment (Outsource) Services:

  • Social media content posting
  • Blog posting management
  • Purchasing/scheduling socially targeted advertising
  • Project management of SEO campaigns with vendors
  • SEM and PPC campaign implementation management and reporting
  • Mobile campaign management and reporting
  • Website development and hosting maintenance/updating
  • Specialized landing page creation
  • Email campaign management (build and send out internal emails for your clients)
  • Other – Something not listed? Let’s talk it through and see how we can help


Click HERE to learn more about our customized consulting services.