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Facebook Video Ads

By November 24, 2014Uncategorized
Facebook has recently expanded their video marketing capabilities.

Video on Facebook combines the power of sight, sound and motion with unparalleled reach, mobile engagement and fine-grained targeting capabilities.
For advertisers who specifically want to drive video views, “video views” will be a new objective to choose from on Facebook when you create a campaign.  Facebook will automatically optimize these ads to be shown to the people most likely to view videos on Facebook, across devices and across target audiences.
Last Friday (11.21.14) Digital Tulip sat in on a Facebook training session on video ads with a Facebook staffer.  Here are some of the key takeaways from that training session:
  • You are paying for impressions/video views only
  • Average cost per view is 10 cents but can become less depending on the engagement and click rates in the ad over time
  • The view is counted as billable after 3 seconds
  • .mov files – has to be original content uploaded file
  • Length of vide is ideally between 30 and 90 seconds
  • 60 seconds is usually the max someone sticks around while watching the video
  • It is click to play functionality not auto-start
  • You can place a “like” button and “shop now” in the video ad as a call to action
  • You can drive people to a landing page – click-able functionality
  • Typical click thru rate is 5%-7%
So, if you are a local brand that is running TV commercials…expand your reach with a targeted video ad on facebook.  Drill down specifically by geographic, demographic and interests.  Target your core audience with your commercial.
For more information on how to effectively utilize facebook to market your business, email us at or call us at (859) 327-4242.