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The Path To Legal Hire Is Changing

By March 5, 2015July 18th, 2016Uncategorized

The web is crucial for those in search of legal services!

For attorneys, when it comes to getting new clients, TIME is of the essence. From making sure that prospective clients find you quickly, to having the tools in place to respond to them as soon as possible, being timely is frequently the difference between signing a new client…and not.

These quick statistics from Google show how people are using the web more and more to find their attorneys.


Stat: 71% of people look for an attorney within 25 miles.

Tip #1: Optimize your digital marketing to focus on local prospects.

Tip #2: Localize your SEO and/or implement a SEM campaign

Stat: 74% of prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office via phone.

Tip #1: Have a mobile-friendly site that makes it easy to contact you.

Tip #2: Claim, optimize, and monitor your local listings.

Other Important Legal Marketing Stats:

96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine when looking online – NOT a local or legal directory site!

38% of people use the Internet to find a lawyer.

62% of legal searches are non-branded.

42% of people switch between different devices when researching.

69% use a combination of smartphone and PC/laptop for research.

85% use online maps to find legal service locations.

1 in 5 people researching legal topics visit YouTube during their process.

74% visit a website to take action.

Is your legal practice using any of these tips to generate new leads? It should be. Digital Tulip can help!