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Media multi-tasking is on the rise!

By September 25, 2015Blog, Uncategorized

If you’re like most, the time you spend actually setting down to watch television is probably not what it used to be in this turbo paced society. However, research is showing that people are still watching and those still watching are taking action. According to July 2015 polling, Market Track found that more than half of US internet users watch commercials on TV, as opposed to fast-forwarding through them, channel-surfing or simply leaving the room when they came on. And when commercials do cause viewers to act, digital research is the most common response. Another 17% research items in-store. Nearly half of internet users polled by Market Track said they used a laptop while watching TV, and 42% used a mobile phone of some kind. Tablets and desktops were less popular, but still used by around a quarter of respondents. Only 21% did no multitasking.

This type of research shows that viewers may be more distracted from a show than from commercials. So even when we are relaxing with a tv show, many of us are multitasking. Many television stations are implementing the use of digtial video to drive traffic from those mobile users who may not be paying attention to the traditional television. So we wonder, are you a television multi-tasker?