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Examine the Old and Plan for the New

By December 28, 2016Uncategorized

As we approach a brand new calendar year, it’s beneficial to set aside time to examine what has worked for us personally in 2016 and what we can do to better ourselves in 2017. This type of examination holds many benefits for a business as well. As you examine your company’s social media/digital marketing plan for the new year, delve into the analytics to see what’s worked and what has not. For example: Facebook provides extremely detailed analytics. You are able to access metrics that show the Actions on Page (the number of times people have clicked a call to action on the page) and Post Engagements (the number of times people have liked, commented on, and shared your posts). The metrics Reach, Page Views, and Page Likes are meaningless if no one is engaging with you or taking action on your page. You may find that page views are increasing but actions are not, in which case you need to work on making your content more compelling. Most social media platforms allow you to delve into some level of metrics to measure success. Ultimately, you want to get to a place where you’re reaching the right people and the right people are engaging with you. That means they’re taking the desired action on your posts. Digital Tulip can help you perform a social media audit to assist you in setting new objectives to make 2017 your company’s best year yet!

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