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Value in Video- How to Incorporate Videos Into Your Social Media Even When You Hate the Camera

By February 16, 2017Uncategorized

So we all know that video’s are a hit on social media. Maybe you’re not a fan of appearing on camera but really want to use video as a marketing tool. We’re going to give you a couple of helpful tips to do just that!

1. Figure out what story you want to tell to your audience and what kind of video would be best to do so. A basic video explaining what you do is a good idea, especially if you’re a new business. You can tell the story behind the camera or have someone else do so if you’re not comfortable with that. Talk about your brand, your business, or if you’re showcasing a specific product, explain that. You can post the videos on your website and on the about section on your business’s Facebook page. For example if you have a med spa you may want to show how a certain procedure is done. While showing that being done you can explain the process and what products are being used, and also what that service can do for your client. IE: Less wrinkles, cellulite, etc. A simple video from your phone would work. Don’t overthink it. Make edits if necessary. Something else to consider is to creating a youtube channel and post your videos there to increase your digital footprint.

2. A testimonial video can showcase the work you do through your customers. Because your customers do the talking, you don’t have to be on camera at all. They can give a review of a specific product or service you offer that they feel strongly about. A passionate, well spoken customer would be ideal for showcasing. You can also create promotional videos about your projects or services featuring customers. Seasonal videos might relate to July 4th, summer vacation, Halloween, or any other special occasions.

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