NAB Presentation: Why We Have to Give a Damn About Digital

By September 19, 2018 Blog

Last week, Chief Strategist/Founder Kristy Lowery delivered a commanding keynote presentation about the value of digital marketing and its opportunities to reinvent the culture of broadcast media, effectively protecting broadcast dollars.

Every year, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) put on a Small Market Television Exchange. For 2018, Nashville’s Omni Hotel was the host with a fantastic lineup of speakers, vendors, creative idea generation goals and, of course, swag. Kristy was honored to be asked by the NAB programming committee to speak about her work as a broadcast consultant and digital agency owner/operator.

For those who have already drank the “Google Juice,” as early adopters of digital marketing culture’s integration, the logic behind digital strategy for consistent sales growth is a no-brainer. In a room full of passionate broadcast leaders from across the country, the importance of digital sales may sometimes be hard to convince.

With the world of mass media communications barreling ahead at an exponentially fast and highly digital rate, the proof may be in declining ratings, local direct account activation and the consumers’ buying decision process.

On stage in front of 500+ people, Kristy seamlessly provided theory, case studies and directions for the importance of digital product and service sales inside broadcast sales organizations. While focusing on how to ‘Do Digital the Right Way,’ Kristy pointed to starting with the leadership and account executives functioning as well-rounded marketing consultants. Kristy believes in a willingness to listen, fix client’s problems and be strategic. No package selling!

If you’re ready to be ‘all-in’ and explore opportunities with Kristy and Digital Tulip to integrate digital marketing culture into your broadcast station or media company, contact us today. Not only will you learn the value of an additional revenue stream for your station, you will develop tactical strategies that create value for your clients and help your sales team safeguard their broadcast dollars.