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AFFORDABLE Video & Photography Opportunity

By February 6, 2019Blog


2019 is the year of video!  Analysts predict 80% of all internet traffic and usage will be video by the end of the year.   

Many of our clients have asked about video and photo services to enhance their current online marketing campaigns and brand presence.  

Digital Tulip has developed a relationship with an experienced, local videographer (actually, a professional friend of over 10 years) to offer these services to you.  The partnership will provide you opportunities to have videography and photography at an AFFORDABLE price, unlike most other video production companies or marketing agencies. 

If you are interested, Digital Tulip will manage the production and provide the deliverables seamlessly. We envision the video and photos being used on your websites, in social media content and marketing campaigns and on your YouTube channel. One video shoot will provide months worth of content and assets for us to work with on your campaigns and for you to utilize for your own internal needs. 

Let’s find a time to connect and jump head first into the year of video! Give us a call, email or text.