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Introducing Advanced Email TARGETING 

By June 7, 2019Blog

Looking for something new and creative to market your business?  Digital Tulip now offers the ability to purchase, develop and distribute targeted email marketing campaigns.  Re-marketing to your internal or current customer database still remains extremely beneficial, but so can targeting NEW prospective customers or patients. Our cutting edge technology allows the creation of high-level, compliant email marketing.

Similar to other digital marketing campaigns, our targeted email product starts with defining your ideal customer/patient: geographic, demographic, professional and personal interests, job title, income level, education level, family structure, hobbies, lifestyle and more.

Distribution lists are developed and best practice policies applied as we deploy campaigns touching new, prospective customers with custom messaging and strong calls to action.

We also have the ability to create lookalike audiences of current customer databases and filter results based on the sourced data for future analysis and marketing efficiencies. A multi-layer product strategy can also be deployed combining email marketing with retargeting banner ads resulting in higher conversion rates and ROI.

In our experience, high performing categories include Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate/Homebuilding, Home Retail, Entertainment/Arts, Recreation/Travel, Professional Services and Sports.

To learn more about our targeted email capabilities contacting us today. at 859-327-4242 or email us at