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Facebook Messenger Encourages B2C Communication

By September 18, 2019November 26th, 2019Blog

Earlier in 2019, Facebook announced a series of ongoing tests that would enable businesses to connect more easily with prospective customers by adding a template for lead generation within the Ads Manager.

That technology is now becoming available to all businesses advertising on their platform and connected family of applications. There is now an “Ad in Messenger” objective that specifically drives people to a customized, automated Q & A experience in Messenger. This template encourages lead generation, allowing the advertiser to both learn more about the consumer AND work to meet their needs.

This new Messenger feature does not end here. The conversations and conversions continue when this feature integrates with your CRM provider or directly to the Messenger via Pages Inbox or the Pages Manager App.

The combination of Facebook’s Live Chat for websites and Messenger Ads have risen to the challenge of meeting consumers wherever they are–surfing the internet or on social media platforms.

To run an ad with the Messenger objective or learn more about how to add this new tool to your current social media strategy, contact us today by calling 859-327-4242 or emailing