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Digital Diaries: Three Ways to Increase Brand Trust & Reputation During a Pandemic

By July 22, 2020January 14th, 2021Blog

As society invests more time and energy into digital infrastructure, it’s become clear that businesses’ online brand presences have never been more important. The battle for fact-checked data and correct information has become the drum beat of the tech giants like Google and Facebook as they promote their platforms as safe places, e-commerce connected and trusted data sources. It’s also no secret that information about coronavirus and proper precautions change almost daily. So how do businesses rise above the disinformation campaigns? We have three small digital brand considerations that pack a big punch, elevating those aligned with best practices, correct information and trusted media outlets. 

  • Update Your Website & Enhance Your Content

Your website serves as your digital storefront. While this has always been the case, the pandemic’s shutdowns have proven that a smooth digital experience is now more important than ever. Enhance content, sell online if possible, credential the organization and plant consumer feedback in strategic places. By simply updating a website’s content, business owners enable consumers seeking information during their user experience to capitalize on the opportunity of ‘digital word of mouth’ and conscious brand trust. We recommend direct answers for how specific businesses are managing pandemic concerns, a variety of testimonials and links to preferred partners, sponsors or collaborators. And with your customers captive in your digital infrastructure, e-commerce has quickly become one of the sought out answers that both enables a conversion for the business and fulfillment consumers’ needs. That conversion-based transition Adding these three or four elements automatically enhances a brand’s identity and trustworthiness. 

  • Protect Your Business Listing Information

Whether it’s an hours of operation update or an internet-wide sync, business owners must take ownership of how their information appears online. At Digital Tulip, we offer an affordable directory listing solution that provides patented pad and lock technology syncing the Google My Business information with the rest of the data listings services internet-wide. Sound euphoric? It is. Once data begins to aggregate internet-wide, our software steps in to make sure that the information is correct, protected and in line with best practices wherever it can be found. What many business owners don’t realize is that Google relies on other data points to funnel correct results to its platform, rewarding those with consistent information with increased performance in search engine results. One example of why correct business listing information matters are hours of operation. Incorrect hours online equate to decreased brand trust and could contribute to a loss of customers. 

  • Social Fact Checker + Politically Safe Space

As the 2020 Election approaches, Facebook and its connected family of apps has rolled out a fact checker feature and will decline ad sales for political campaigns in the days leading up to the election. Consider it their auto-correct feature for the errors of 2016’s information wars and signaling Facebook’s investment in corrective technology for content in their attempt to police their platform so it may maintain as a safe, sharing space. The social media giant’s attempt to dispel disinformation and actively pursue the removal of “fake news” increases consumers’ abilities to trust digital media and value those who use it as a vehicle for content and detailed, targeted marketing. Digital Tulip specializes in social media and is also a member of the Facebook Partner Program, bringing our team to the forefront of any platform adjustments that enhance safety and offer increased security for users and advertisers. 

To upgrade your digital brand presence today, contact Digital Tulip. We help businesses stay competitive during this new digital age. From creating and refreshing websites to correcting-and-protecting business information online, we develop tailored solutions to help clients grow on their preferred platforms. To talk strategy about digital positioning for 2020 and beyond, contact or call 859.327.4242.