Digital Explosion Meets Social Diversification

By January 8, 2021 January 14th, 2021 Blog


Digital Explosion Meets Social Diversification


It’s no secret the big four (Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google) live rent free in our daily lives, consume our free time  and provide critical support for businesses. But with the influx of screen time amidst this global pandemic, digital media— specifically social media —exploded with activity beyond simply consumption. 


The ‘Social Media Surge’ did not discriminate. Platforms like TikTok, Twitch and others burst on the scene disrupting powerhouse platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and forcing their hand at innovation. 


So, what can we take away from consumers’ social media behavior in 2020? 


As analysts, we watch for changes in trends, consumption, engagement and conversions. As strategists, we create and act on a unified plan so consumers point to where to go next.  


Content Matters

Quality content sincerely matters. It’s a digital heartbeat. Updating current business practices, hours or new options should lean heavily on social media content and the business’s preferred channels. Consider content a free life line, critical for the future.


Social Diversification is a MUST

While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter still lead the pack in terms of market share, LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat are surely chipping away and activating new users daily. For advertisers, changes in targeting capabilities and sheer noise on the most trafficked platforms due to covid, the election and other inaccurate information brought change, requiring the diversification of social media marketing placements.


Brand Awareness Advertising Anchors Strategy

Global pandemic or not, brand awareness through social media builds a business’s marketing funnel. A strong brand with a consistent message on social channels will pay dividends. Though it is not a faucet, builds equity enabling the opportunity for immediate conversion at the consumers’ discretion. Brand Awareness offers a megaphone of reach in a targeted way that should not break the bank and serves as a foundational element of any digital strategy.


Integrated E-Commerce

The combination of the pandemic and ‘need to lead’ fueled Integrated E-Commerce as Facebook and Instagram distinguished themselves further by developing an all-in-one in-stream shopping hub. Not only did this serve as a means of supporting small businesses through clicks to purchase or ordering food, it gained immediate traction with the end point consumer with immediate growth at an exponential rate. Digital forecasters expect TikTok and SnapChat to offer e-commerce solutions in 2021 to stay competitive and attract younger demographics. 


At Digital Tulip, we apply our keen ability of ‘virtually listening’ based on a consumer interaction and digital behaviors. Contact us today to develop a 2021 digital strategy that is both cutting edge and hyper targeted for your business and industry.