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Heating Up for the Holidays

By August 19, 2021Blog

It may still be summer and Ho! Ho! Hot outside, but it is time to get into the holiday spirit! Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about holiday gifts for clients and employees as well as holiday event prep. While thinking about holly jolly and making spirits bright may seem a little premature, it is actually the perfect time to get in the festive state of mind. This year it will be imperative to get your merchandise orders in early to avoid any delays in production and/or shipping. Plus, avoiding that last minute stressful scramble we all seem to get ourselves into isn’t a bad thing, either. Your clients or patients are a business’s most important asset and gifting them during the holidays shows both value and appreciation for their loyalty. No matter your industry or budget, there are always options for choosing a high-quality, thoughtful gift your clients will love, and actually use. Same thing goes for employee appreciation gifts during the holiday season. Retire those tired old gift ideas and spruce it up with something that is both meaningful and useful!

Customize with Class
Corporate gifts give us the opportunity to showcase our brand, and customization really shows extra effort. Remember, though, to keep it classy. Your branding should be minimal to make the focus be on the client and your appreciation for them and their business. In other words, put away your traditional tradeshow items (pens, magnets, etc.) and think outside the box. No one wants to feel like they received a mass produced gift, even if it was!  

Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Delicious food and drink is a huge part of our culture, and a key focal point for the holiday season. Everyone loves receiving a sweet treat, but we encourage you to take it to the next level! Go for something unique like wine tumblers and travel coffee mugs or a personalized gift box.

Hybrid Office Must-Haves
Many people are shuffling from their home office to their main office (if they still have one), so gift your customers with something that can benefit them in their everyday life. Tote bags, portable speakers, wireless power banks, quality water bottles, etc.

Get Personal
Nothing says you went the extra mile than a handwritten note. In a digital world, it’s not something we receive everyday. So take the extra time and effort to write a little something. Sometimes, it’s the little things. This gesture can take the sometimes mass-produced feel of gift giving and make it a little more from the heart.

If you’re not sure which client and employee gifts are right for your business or upcoming event, the team at Digital Tulip is here to help. Just consider us Santa’s helpers. We can assist you with gift ideas, event implementation and vendor coordination on all customized products. Contact us at