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Digital Tulip started in 2011 as a Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses grow utilizing digital platforms with well-built gorgeous websites. Over a decade later, Digital Tulip has evolved into helping clients get to the next level in every aspect of their business. While digital marketing alone no longer only defines us, we are high-level experts in all things digital marketing.

With over 125 years of combined experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We understand business strategy and marketing strategy equally. Our team has experience with almost every business category and we have resources for whatever a client needs. We go over and above for a client before we’re even asked. It’s how we operate. We don’t sell our clients something they don’t need, and completely believe that our integrity, strategies and client outcomes are our reputation.  Many clients come to us because we were highly recommended to them by another client of ours or someone they trust.  A recommendation is the highest compliment, and we don’t take it lightly.

Each team member has been hand-picked intentionally because of their heart, brain, and work ethic. Thus, a client gets where they want to be because of our depth of knowledge, determination and authenticity.

We truly care about our clients and helping them grow beyond what they thought was possible.

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Team Tulip

Kristy Lowery, MBA

Chief Growth Officer (CGO), Owner, Consultant & Analyst

Kristy Lowery, founder and chief strategist behind Digital Tulip, has elevated hundreds of businesses, and filed their growth and bottom-line profit margins. Her knowledge, experience, skill, and strategic approach define Kristy as one of the most knowledgeable business and marketing minds in the country as she interfaces with national clients and other media professionals. Kristy’s career began with print media sales, then led to digital sales directorship where she won multiple awards and led her television station sales team to outperform all others within the company. During her time with traditional media, Kristy laid the foundation for the niche market development and creation of Digital Tulip, a full-service branding, web design, business consulting, and online marketing agency.

As a consultant, trainer, speaker, and educator to many business owners and corporate teams, Kristy has helped elevate their businesses to the next level and generated millions of dollars in incremental gross sales. Kristy’s expertise spans all aspects of business operations, sales, branding, website design, and marketing with an emphasis on digital marketing strategy. Kristy graduated from Western Kentucky University as a four-year letter swim scholarship athlete and continued to earn her MBA. She currently resides in Lexington, KY with her husband and two children.

Scott Lowery

Chief Operations Officer (COO), Owner

As Co-owner and Head of Operations, Scott brings a wealth of operational experience to Digital Tulip. He is hyper-organized and excels in managing projects of all sizes, with a standout specialty in scaling operations for start-ups. His roles in start-up environments have ranged from directing operations for the World Equestrian Games in 2010 to leading global strategy for one of the fastest growing e-commerce startups. His international planning and global strategy experience have led him to travel to over 15 countries. Scott’s extensive experience managing start-up operations coincide with the fast-paced growth of Digital Tulip and their clients.

In his free time, Scott is an avid movie buff and sports enthusiast. His current obsession is coaching youth soccer, and he's proud to serve as the Technical Refinement Phase Group Director for Lexington Sporting Club.

Shelley Magee

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Shelley has that winning combination of professional excellence with an approachable personality. With over 25 years spent in internal marketing departments, advertising agency environments, and broadcast television, her depth of knowledge in both digital and traditional media environments has made her a recognized thought leader in the field. Shelley knows how to grow a client’s bottom line by building highly-effective marketing strategies and integrated multi-platform advertising campaigns. She understands how to drive meaningful results for clients by developing highly-memorable creative messaging that drives consumers to respond. Not only does she love to build these dynamic strategies but she loves explaining them to her clients.

Shelley believes an evidence-based, smart, creative strategy for the client’s marketing campaigns gets the best results. She loves it when, presenting actual data and an evidence-based plan to a client, they have their "a-ha!" moment and get excited. She often hears, "Wow! No marketing company has ever shown us this before. This makes so much sense." Her mind is always racing with ideas for her clients. She works hard for them, and spends their money like it's her own. She firmly believes that a smart strategic plan combined with great creative can totally change a business. She is all about helping her clients take it to the next level.

A veteran leader of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), in 2016 Shelley was elected Chairperson of the AAF’s National Council of Governors, the world’s largest advertising trade organization. During her career, she’s been presented with the Pat Martin Leadership Award, the Legion of Excellence Award, and the AAF’s highest honor, The Silver Medal Award, which “recognizes men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising while actively furthering the industry's standards, achieving creative excellence, and taking responsibility in areas of social concern.” When she’s not working, she’s probably writing a song, or belting out a tune on stage as a blues and soul singer in her own band. In fact, in 2019, she opened for Salt-N-Pepa at the south-east’s largest New Year’s Eve party, in her home town of Columbia, SC.

Brooke Mello

Strategy Operations Manager

Brooke, a Maryland native and Butler University graduate of dance performance and pedagogy, joined the Kentucky Ballet Theater as a professional ballerina in 2017. During her four years performing with the company, she maintained the Social Media Director position for the company and its academy. It was in that capacity that she excelled in managing social media campaigns, planning promotional events, coordinating fundraising opportunities, and networking with prominent Lexington leaders and businesses. As part of Digital Tulip, she applies her social media skills and her creative talents to the world of digital marketing to keep both the Tulip team and our clients on their toes. Brooke is the wizard behind our curtain—savvy at campaign management and working behind the scenes to ensure campaign success. She loves being hands-on with each client, learning every detail about them, finding their target niches in both demographic and platform, and creating their own secret recipe for success. Diligent with a calm demeanor, she lets the needs of a specific campaign guide the strategy rather than the copy/paste technique from one business to the next.

Lindsey Holland

Growth Strategist

Lindsey has gained over a decade of experience in digital and social media marketing since graduating from Auburn University. Having been a social media influencer, traveling between multiple cities including Nashville and Los Angeles, and managing digital sales teams, Lindsey has a multi-layered perspective in digital marketing strategy. One part of the Tulip process that Lindsey enjoys is helping a client understand the importance of their online brand perception. She loves to educate clients on modern purchasing funnels, lead nurturing/generation, and how to stay visible to potential customers. She excels in teaching clients about where their prospective customers gather information and every little piece of that puzzle—responsive websites, directory listings, reviews, searches, and social media. Using the latest online and mobile device technology, she's executing a plan to help clients stand out from the competition. As your Growth Strategist, Lindsey is committed to exceeding your expectations. She considers your success her own.

Samantha Meekins

Social Growth and Engagement Engineer

With over 13 years in the fast-paced media and marketing world, Samantha has earned her stripes and made herself a jack-of-all-trades in the industry. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, she became an on-air television news reporter in two different cities, a media specialist for a fashion company, worked as a public relations account executive, and was the Director of Marketing for a real estate firm. Her experience enables her to succeed in high-speed and ever-changing environments. Her attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills are evident as a marketing strategist. Her experience in video production, graphic and website design, and social media marketing makes her shine as our Social Content Specialist.

Her favorite part about working with Tulip clients is that no two clients are alike—with different personalities from different industries. She enjoys getting to know each client and helping them grow. She invests much time in a client which is reflected in her work and interactions with them. She thinks of her client's business like it's her own, genuinely caring about them and wanting their success. One aspect of working at Tulip that she enjoys daily is being able to be creative regardless of the project, client, or task. She shares that creativity with her clients and wants each one to enjoy their marketing experience—results, beautiful work, creative concepts, exceptional branding, smart solutions.

Kristin Closson

Growth Strategist

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, with a double major in Marketing & Decision Science and Information Systems, Kristin discovered her marketing passion. While working for a non-for-profit hospital system, Kristin became involved with Kentucky Society for Health Care Public Relations and Marketing (KSHPRM), served as the Board's President, and worked with marketing professionals from across the state. She knows and understands the importance of both traditional and digital marketing. With over fifteen years of Marketing, Relationship Management, and Business Development skills, Kristin enjoys helping businesses tackle their unique marketing endeavors to reach their full potential and being a part of their growth.

Christina Mullins, MBA

Growth Strategist

For nearly a decade Christina has been an influential leader in the digital marketing space. She is passionate about creating and managing digital content and building relationships. She has worked with businesses of all sizes across the US, ultimately improving their bottom line by creating marketing solutions to their business problems. Christina thrives at educating and consulting with her clients on current digital trends and staying ahead of the curve. She loves seeing a client reach their full potential and being a part of their success. Christina and her husband enjoy serving their community through ministry outreach and are overseers of a House of Prayer in the south MS region. Christina earned her MBA from William Carey University. She currently resides in Biloxi, MS with her husband and four children.

Troy Thompson

Growth Strategist

Hailing from Australia, Troy’s illustrious career began on the Australian TV series “Ten Years Younger in Ten Days” with a meteoric rise to the A-list heights of Australian hairdressing as an in-demand celebrity salon owner. Following that success, Troy continued to create and embrace opportunities. With the publication of two books, Troy became an international bestselling author, appeared weekly on Australian national radio and television, and hosted his own Australian radio program. Now in the U.S., Troy has become a triple Emmy-nominated television host and executive producer, working in front of and behind the camera for the last 10 years. Here at Digital Tulip, Troy loves helping a business develop their own brand to stand
out from the crowd and design a growth strategy to increase business and awareness. His motto is to teach business owners to have a “quiet elevated life”
(QEL). His love for business and extensive multi-media experience has made him a maestro of digital media and an accomplished, focused, and adaptable sales and revenue generation leader. Troy delivers expertise to solve problems and implement solutions.

Barbara Hinkle

Brand Strategist & Visual Communication

Barbara delivers over 25 years of branding, marketing, and visual communications experience to the Tulip team. Having worked for a design firm, a PR firm, a mid-size advertising agency, and in a large corporate marketing department, she gained a diverse portfolio of knowledge and skillset, that transformed her from graphic designer to high-level brand strategist and branding expert. Her philosophy views a brand as the ethos of a business. Her experience with clients has shown that investing in a high-caliber professional brand has yielded them a solid return on that investment, including customer perception, a business asset, and enhanced value.

Her holistic approach begins with a client Brand Briefing that covers every aspect of their business, their personal perspective, and their target audience. She transforms her findings, facts, and research into a comprehensive brand package exclusively crafted for each client. Barbara’s passion shines during the reveal, when she brings a brand to life. From the brand position to every brand tool, logo, pattern, or illustration, each piece is visually stunning and effectively communicates and reflects the client’s business. Her attention to detail and high-level design make each brand element a paragon that helps transcend a business to the next level and adds value to the business’s bottom line.

Joan Estergard

Brand Research & Copywriter

Joan has been drawn to nature and storytelling as far back as she can remember. With a PhD (and all the degrees) in Environmental Engineering, she created planning documents, award-winning grant proposals, educational and outreach material, and everything in between for her environmental clients. She excels in research and has a knack for plotting a good story—regardless of the subject. After self-publishing three fiction novels, Joan embraced her versatility in both fiction and nonfiction writing. She believes every business, every brand, has an important story to tell. A story that’s critical to a brand’s success. Joan loves working with clients to help them find their voice, craft their unique messaging, and share their brand story with the world. Words create connections. Connections create customers.

Strategic Partners

Molly Rudberg

Human Capitalist and Executive Coach

Molly Rudberg, is an executive coach, people consultant and leadership expert with clients in the United States and Europe. She specializes in helping executives, teams, and organizations identify and remove roadblocks to productivity. Her approach focuses on improving an organization’s bottom line while strengthening the skills and relationships of its people.
In practice for the past 17 years, Molly works with a wide variety of clients in verticals such as e-commerce, marketing, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and technology. She is a sought after “fixer” for VC and PE groups who need help with the leadership teams within their investment portfolios. In addition to co-authoring “From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office” (a book about integrating proven mindfulness techniques into management practices), she has been an invited faculty member at Dominican University in Illinois. Prior to the advent of the “Plague Year” of 2020, Molly was a frequent workshop leader and public speaker. Clients and audiences have described her work as “transformative,” “captivating,” and “wildly effective.” Her goal is to continue to live up to the high standards of her corporate and individual clients.

Chuck Crawford

Partner, Rainmaker Advertising

Chuck Crawford is the President of Rainmaker Advertising and formed a strategic digital marketing
alliance with Digital Tulip in 2020 as a traditional media partner.
Chuck has always earned a great deal of satisfaction in helping people reach their goals and dreams.
Whether in a business setting, in the classroom or on the baseball diamond, his focus is helping build
winning cultures and teams living his mantra, ‘you can get everything in life you want as long as you help
enough other people get what they want.’
Chuck's media, teaching, and coaching experience have taken him from the team that made Metro
Piston a household name to General Manager of the acquisition from Auto Trader and
He served as the General Manager of a cable advertising sales business that saw 4 mergers and
acquisitions over 10 years with Insight Media Advertising. Mr. Crawford has also taught upper-level
Integrated Strategic Communications, Marketing and Marketing Management at the University of
Kentucky since 2003 as well as graduate-level courses at Brescia University online since 2018.
Chuck brings knowledge of traditional media advertising, marketing and production to Digital Tulip’s
expertise, creating a strong alliance and the opportunity for sustained growth with limitless possibilities.

Lee Insko

Partner, 5 Degrees Branding

Lee is known as the “client’s best friend,” an honor he’s earned through years of actively listening, seeing needs, plugging holes, and generally putting people at ease. He also possesses a knack for seeing the 30,000-foot view of a challenge without missing the details, a talent which just comes naturally for Lee.
Lee has over 22 years of experience working within higher ed communications serving as VP of Sales at DC for twelve years and Director of Marketing at Samford University for several years. This experience combined with relentless research and a desire to learn have served his clients well; University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Pfeiffer University, Carroll College, Lewis University and countless others have reaped the benefit of his expertise.
We're also pretty sure that Lee has found a way to clone himself. It's not possible for one person to do as much as he does each day: faithful leader at 5°, father of three (grandfather of one), husband (of one), avid blog reader, social networking aficionado, daily KSR and Bruce Springsteen listener, UK fan, and always there any time you need him. He's got to be delegating some of that stuff to Lee 2.0.

Mike Robinson

Partner, 5 Degrees Branding

Since 1996, Mike has been doing top-notch creative for clients around the globe. A Samford grad, he combines a unique understanding of the Christian higher ed marketspace with a desire to get to a client's essence in order to create communication solutions that are personal and effective. As our cultural pulse keeper, he has a keen awareness of the critical issues affecting educational and faith-based organizations.
Clients that have benefited from Mike's ability to understand and bring to the surface their distinctives include Carson-Newman University, Columbia Seminary, Campbellsville University, LeTourneau University, Messiah University, Gateway Seminary, Point University, and literally hundreds more. Besides client work, he makes sure the 5° team stays synced up with our own mission and values.
Mike has many passions. Fly fishing, fly tying, painting (mostly fly-fishing scenes), taking his kids fly fishing... you get the picture. He is a soccer fanatic and has more jerseys in his closet than most people have socks in their sock drawers. He's a passionate gardener, outdoorsman, and an avid Wendell Berry reader. Food might be the biggest rival for his attention if not his affection. Seriously, try getting anything out of him during a lunch meeting while food is on the table—good luck.

Strategic Pawtners

Picture of Digital Tulip's dog Roxy, the Chief Barking & Security Pawficer at Digital Tulip.


Chief Barking & Security Pawficer

My job is to keep the office staff in check and keep the Tulip team focused on me. I may bark, jump on you, or even ask you to rub my belly. I don't let a crumb hit the floor and never turn down a treat! I occasionally show up for meetings but mostly nap. I love to be at the center of every strategy meeting and play with my neighborhood puppy friends, Savannah, and Brie’s fluffy puppy, Leia. My sisters, Kate & Lily, are always with me if they aren’t at school or soccer. I take my pawficer role very seriously and serve as the daily welcoming and farewell committee.


Breakroom Boss


Hooman Resources


Fitness & Wellness Coach


Zoom Police & Long Tail Keyword Expert


Chief Animalytics Fetcher


Yappy Hour Coordinator


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