Website Design and Hosting

A website is considered the most significant communication and lead conversion tool of a business. A solid website should convey everything about your business that a potential customer would want, or need, to know. It should be attractive to connect with your audience, and reflective of your brand with cohesive content, voice, colors and fonts. It should be user friendly to generate interest, engaging to influence and invite them deeper into your site, and most important it should be effective at lead conversion.

Building a website is like birthing a baby! There’s a lot of required preplanning, functionality decisions, security features, copy to write, design details, imagery, photography and graphics to create and so much more before the big debut. But rest assured, you can leave that to us, while you put your time and energy toward what you’re good at—your business.

Our proficient team of Growth Strategists know exactly how to organize the page navigation for the best user experience and results! We don’t over quote the pages or maximize the scope. Our “white glove” approach puts all our resources to work and takes the heavy weight off you. We give you just what you need for a website that is gorgeous, coherent, branded, reliable and effective!

At Digital Tulip, we own and manage our own server that allows us to easily and securely host and manage your website for you. Our team of developers provide quick updates and edits to your website, along with fast response communication. These are some of the deliverables you can expect when working with us (on website updates and everything else you need).

Website and Hosting Services:

  • Website audit
  • Website design & research
  • Secure site hosting & maintenance
  • Professional branded copywriting services & design
  • Custom programming and coding to fit your needs
  • Content management
  • Mobile app development
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-commerce build-out
  • Live chat or chat to text integration
  • ADA, HIPAA and CPI compliant knowledge and integrations
  • Analytics
  • Website chat functionality
  • Management of a professional photoshoot
  • Online sales event build-out

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