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Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Attempting to market a business without first building a brand is like trying to build a house without pouring a foundation. Once that foundation is in place, it can then support integrated and effective communication efforts that begin with a clearly defined brand position and identity.

Whether you are building a new brand identity or need to rebrand a current business, Digital Tulip ensures the outcome to be a true representation of your business that is memorable to your audience and communicates effectively.

From business launch to growth and expansion, we help your brand stay relevant and evolve as needed to maximize your investment.  Building a strong brand is all about establishing a perceived emotional connection with a consumer that supersedes market variables like price, convenience or availability.  While you cannot create that perception, you can influence it.  We can help your business develop a brand that is fluent with a cohesive look, tone, feel, and messaging on every consumer touch-point – right down to matching wall paint to your Pantone color.

Our attention to every detail, and the creative thinking behind those details, is definitely part of every successful strategy plan. It’s what makes a brand stronger and unique, while also building awareness, recognition and customer loyalty.

Our Tulip Branding Services Include:

Brand Development / Brand Refresh:

  • Brand Audit — review the business name, colors, logo, website, domain, social media and all collateral
  • Brand Positioning — Identifying the essence of a business and defining the contextual brand, language and voice that properly communicate to the target audience.

Differentiator development
Tagline development

  • Brand Identity — Completely customized visual communications that effectively portray a business. Thoughtful consideration is given to the entire look, feel and style for cohesiveness, audience engagement and recognition
    • Logo design
    • Color palette
    • Font selection
    • Brand enhancements: Custom illustrations, patterns, graphic elements
    • Mood board

Brand Copy & Website Design:

  • Establishing the Brand language and voice
  • Professional copywriting that is brand-centric, but more importantly generates audience engagement and leads
  • Comprehensive Website Design
    • Developing the correct theme, navigation, SEO and specifications to fit the brand and business needs
    • Design-rich website headers and backdrops
    • Layered illustrations, patterns, elements
  • Photography
    • Stock purchases or customized shoots
    • Photoshoot guidance — shoot plan, agenda, art direction, photographer selection or coordination
  • Videography

Brand Applications:

  • Print
    • Office materials, business cards, stationary packages, cards & labels, menu, brochures,
  • Advertising & marketing campaigns
    • Print or digital ads, events, promotions, email blasts, social media, mailers, billboards, etc.
  • Signage
    • Indoor, outdoor, flat, dimensional, lighted, unique materials, vehicle signage, etc
  • Environment Design
    • Incorporate brand design into an office or space in a unique way:  door, desk or surface wraps, wall treatments, wall art, etc.
  • Swag and merchandise
    • Gift cards, gift bags, tissue paper, candles, logo ribbon, package design, membership cards, wearables, uniforms, etc
  • Custom illustration or artwork

Brand Services:

  • Graphic Design
    From visual concepts through final files, o
    ur design team integrates brand elements that are interesting, inviting, engaging, and sometimes surprising to your customers. We consider every option and platform that may enhance or allow your brand to shine.
  • Printing or Production Services

Our team can handle all the details of paper selection, pricing and ordering all your printed materials while also ensuring quality, correct color usage and perfection delivered right to your door.

  • Branded Interior Design 
    We also collaborate with interior designers to make your business space and brand seamlessly look and feel cohesive. We have a select few that we recommend to our clients if an interior designer is wanted or requested.  Professional interior design services can be done virtually: space layout, design, paint colors, furniture and accessory procurement, etc.

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