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Don’t Tread Water

By May 23, 2014May 28th, 2014Blog, Uncategorized

Anyone a fan of Netflix’s “House of Cards”?  While watching the first season this past week I heard the quote “Treading water is the same as drowning for people like you and me.” and for some reason this quote resonated with me.

Water treading is an aspect of swimming that involves a swimmer to stay in a vertical position in the water while keeping his or her head above the surface of the water. Treading water provides the swimmer an opportunity to keep the head from becoming submerged while not providing sufficient directional thrust to overcome inertia and propel the swimmer in any specific direction.

Professionally…I urge you to swim!  Don’t “tread water” because it’s comfortable, or because you’re scared to swim.  Swim.  Do something you’ve always wanted to do.  Create or build something you’ve always wanted to build.  Make it happen.  Without risk comes no reward.

Don’t wait. Start today…..Swim.

By the way,  if you aren’t watching House of Cards…you should be, it’s a GREAT show.