Do you #hashtag?

By October 29, 2015 Blog
According to Wikipedia a hashtag is a type of label or meta tag used on social networks which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Love em’ or hate em’ #hashtags are here to stay!
The mighty #hashtag is now a staple of or our everyday social media diet. This little symbol keeps us in conversation with the world. It’s not just limited to public posts, though. Many of us hashtag words, sometimes even whole sentences, on private platforms including emails, instant messages and even real-life conversations (ironically though, of course). #WeveAllDoneIt #DontPretendLikeYouHavent

One of the best things about #hashtags is that it can bring people together instantly about upcoming weather, breaking news, and in a show of support for those affected by something from all around the world. #BostonStrong, which emerged in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, is both of those things, along with a statement of local pride.

So we’ve made a list of some of our all time #LighterSide favorites.

#TBT- Throwback Thursday or #FBF- Flashback Friday, whichever you prefer, is the ideal way to reminisce with friends, dig up some hilarious photos and embarrass yourself or those you love or maybe even hate!

#Squad- a relatively new #hashtag, means you love your group of friends and post pics of your crew together doing whatever fun things it is you like to do.

#YOLO- You Only Live Once- since you only live once, you better caption every wild experience with this trendy hashtag.

We’re obsessed with the #hashtag, and we’re really #SorryNotSorry about it.  Tell us- love em’ or hate em’?