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A Search Engine Plays Chess

By June 19, 2018Blog


In the ever-evolving world of digital media, change is inevitable—and at lightning speed no less.  A search logarithm can calculate in .1 or .001 seconds, ad and keywords, retargeting and side bar ads and must keep the pace. So how do digital marketers keep up?


Trial and error, troubleshooting, webinars, help forums, AND accepting the realty that major search engines are like big banks who play chess with content and cash flow based on user traffic.  


Bing announced this spring that it will remove text ads from the side bar advertisements, a strategic move made by Google in 2016 with minimal negative fallout. Search and retargeting ads with graphics will remain in side bar circulation for the foreseeable future.

Do people even use Bing?

Bing is responsible for approximately 20% of internet searches in the search engine market share. Mobile users are driving the evolution of the information super highway, and at lightning speed. Desktop displays are still used but traffic volume on mobile devices is soaring and engines are able to calculate that based on metrics for their searching systems.


So, what does all of this really mean?

For the marketer, mobile ready content and creative is a sincere force and is driving the current digital ads market. Second, those reporting on digital ad metrics may see lower click through rates and less impressions for side bar text ads as they phase them out. Our recommendation: use social media marketing and speak with your marketing consultant or agency to diversify how you digitally advertise with various search engines, social media platforms and retargeting or geofencing campaigns!


As the consumer, know that major internet stalwarts are making changes to their systems because of how you use them. Keep that up! The internet should work for us, the way we want it to and with the proper layout for best functionality.


Smart phones are setting a new precedent and forcing competition for the sale of products through how search engines optimize. So, Bing and its users, we challenge you to creatively reinvent the side bar ads without completely changing the cost structure of for pay per click campaigns and then we’ll gladly say, ‘Check, Mate!’