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The Social Media Pie Part 1- Pinterest

By March 23, 2016Uncategorized

Today we begin a series on helping you, the business owner to understand and dissect the many moving parts of the social media pie and how to make it work for your business, and by work we mean bring in more money.  First off we begin with Pinterest. Many love it, a few hate it but it’s a very beneficial tool if you know how to properly populate and use your boards to your companies advantage! When it comes to getting inspiration and ideas, Pinterest often far outweighs Google.  Pinterest is a great tool to give your brand an identity, if you will. It is also a great visual search engine if you will. With a few tips and tricks you can really maximize the content this social network has to offer. There are obviously complex programming and secret sauces at work, but the content is for the most part carefully curated by users. Its a social network made for discovery and creativity. How can you be sure that you’re uncovering the possibilities Pinterest can offer? Here are 3 tips to start you in the right direction.

-Follow Topics
Follow what pertains to your potential clients and what would interest them. For instance if you’re a pediatrician, you’d want to follow topics that moms would be interested in like nursery decor, healthy snacks for toddlers, and birthday parties to name just a few. If you don’t know exactly what topics to follow, we’d love to help narrow that down for you to learn your audience better.

– Check Your Followers and Engagers
Take a look at the pins and boards of people who are repining your content. You may want to follow them but even if you don’t, chances are they’ll be saving some content that will appeal to you and your audience. It’s also worth taking a look at the following list of people you follow. Just head over to their profiles, and see who they follow. This is an easy way to find more pinners with interests similar to yours.

-Check Related Pins

This is a quick way to hone in on interesting content based on what you might be currently viewing. When you check those related pins you can scroll down beneath it and you’ll find more than 100 pins that you may want to save. Last spring, Pinterest made some changes to the way Related Pins show which makes it very relevant to the user. It uses a visual search system that shows pins that are visually similar to the one you’re currently looking at.

Digital Tulip would love to share more insights to make Pinterest work for your business. We would love to create a tangible strategy for your brand and show you how to execute that strategy to drive increased revenue.