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Pokemon Go- The Marketing Potential Within

By July 13, 2016Uncategorized

So you’ve probably seen people shuffling around furiously over the past week and a half, swiping at their phones and you’re just sitting there like “What’s going on, what do they know that I don’t?”  For those not yet in the know, never fear, here’s the long story- somewhat short. Pokemon Go uses your phone’s GPS and camera to turn the real world into an “augmented reality” game. Essentially our world becomes a massive hunting ground for the iconic creatures, but also transforms local landmarks and businesses into Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms, which are hot spots where you can collect items or battle against other players. Pokemon Go is a game ploy to get people out of their houses and exercising, and as long as you don’t walk into traffic while staring at your phone, it’s a light- hearted concept.

The daily active users have already surpassed Tinder and will soon pass Twitter’s app. Part of Pokémon GO’s appeal is it crosses generational boundaries. People in their 20s and 30s remember Pokémon’s popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, and kids now are beginning to see how challenging and fun playing can be. Because of the large demographic reach it offers, there are so many potential uses for marketers. You know our marketing wheels are turning over here! While there currently aren’t any sponsorship’s or advertising available, it’s surely in the pipeline somewhere. That being said, if you’re a business owner there are ways to use it to your advantage now and get more foot traffic in your location. If your building/location happens to be the site of a Pokemon Go hot spot you can totally market yourself appropriately! You can offer freebies or discounts to players that come in. You can totally rock out a sign in your door/window to let players know you’ve got the goods they’re really after and make a little money while you’re at it. Some stores may find the influx of traffic a challenge, but if you understand how to play, you can get ahead of the game. Now go, catch em all!