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Facebook’s Campaign Agenda: a Fair Election on its Platform

By August 2, 2018Blog


Facebook: every political candidate’s and electoral issues’  best friend and biggest foe.

The social media platform has come under fire in recent months for fake news, fake accounts and election issues before Congress and in the court of public opinion. As the November 2018 midterms approach, many candidates will take to social media to get the best bang for their buck and reach the masses in a more tightly-controlled digital environment.

For the campaign officials and their media consultants, it is critical to understand the changes and new rules tied to political ads as Facebook attempts to force candidate’s hands at transparent and accountable advertising. Everyday consumers will see very little change to the naked eye, but small details are being updated in a big way, supporting a fair and honest elections through social media presence.

The most visible change will be the new political ad label: “paid for by,” mimicking traditional advertising and providing added transparency. Now to the nitty-gritty, not-so-enjoyable details…

For those operating the digital campaigns, Facebook will now require authorizations for ALL US-based page administrators and advertisers running political ads whether they are electoral or issue-based on both Facebook and Instagram.

To receive authorization and run political ads, the following steps MUST be completed. This process may take several weeks, so take action NOW!

  1.  Page and ad account admins will need to submit their government-issued ID and provide a residential mailing address for verification.
  2. Facebook will confirm each address by mailing a letter with a unique access code that only the admin’s Facebook account can use.
  3.  Once authorized, advertisers will have to identify which ad account(s) will be used to run political ads.
  4. Page admins/advertisers will have to specify a “paid for by” disclaimer for all ad accounts running political ads for additional transparency.

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