New Digital Marketing Solutions as a Yelp Agency Partner

By October 12, 2019 January 14th, 2021 Blog

For a fresh digital marketing solution that combines the best parts of social media targeting with the highlights of a conversion-based, pay-per click solution with excellent analytics, Yelp Advertising may be the perfect platform for your business. Digital Tulip recently joined the Yelp Partner Program to offer a new channel and diversify advertising opportunities through a special partnership program benefitting our advertisers.

You might know Yelp as a review-based platform primarily focused restaurants, reviews and things ‘near me.’ But, Yelp has built out their robust platform to offer two digital marketing product solutions in an affordable and personalized way: Cost-Per-Click Advertising AND Enhanced Profiles for many categories of business. 

Yelp shared these statistics with Digital Tulip about the usage and conversion on their platform for advertising campaigns.

  The platform reaches 100.5 million unique monthly visitors.

  92% of visitors make a purchase at a nearby business after searching.

  Advertising integrates with Apple Maps & Siri, voice controlled search and some auto makers.

Per Yelp,  home services, medical spas, personal grooming businesses, wedding planners, veterinary care, legal organizations and restaurants are the best categories to launch into a customized Yelp plan.


As an Agency Partner, Digital Tulip gains access to gratuitous monthly spending boosts, enhanced profiles at discounted rates, VIP support and the option to purchase additional products such as business highlights, verified licenses and portfolio displays.

If you’d like to explore Yelp’s unique advertising solutions for your business, contact us today. Through our Partner Agency affiliation, we are able to preview available ad placement inventory, review historical profile trends and make best practice recommendations based on input from the platform.

Give Yelp a try with your Agency Partner, Digital Tulip!