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Digital Media Amidst a Crisis

By March 18, 2020January 14th, 2021Blog

In our current climate, news and business change daily. Business owners are focusing on day to day operations, staff and how to be prepared for what comes next. And as we move toward a digital work space, communications and advertising are at the forefront of digital media consumed by the public. Digital Tulip focuses on three key areas of digital strategy to stay true to your marketing plan and brand through this unprecedented era: Use best practices for digital media, invest in your business and maintain your advertising plan. 


Digital Best Practices for a Digital Work Environment 

  1. Update your information! By utilizing an internet-wide, synced directory listing, we can push out correct information about your business, hours of operations and any changes your consumers should be aware of. Updating your website is also a critical piece to inform your customers. By being on the forefront of your media strategy, you can control and evolve your messaging.
  2. Maintain Social Consistency! As digital working environments continue to grow, consistent social media content and advertising keeps you relevant and a play for top-of-mind brand awareness. If you choose to go dark digitally, your online brand presence will disappear. This is not simply a ploy for more advertising dollars, it is a strategic play to maintain business as usual through a digital lens that continues to interact with your consumers. 
  3. Streaming Placements are more valuable than ever! When we go “behind quarantine lines” we find children, families, seniors and millennials ALL streaming with non-skippable ad placements. To take a strategic angle and find your consumers as they stream at home with more viewing hours than normal you can serve ads to your exact, captive audience across any number of video placements. Streaming providers are already seeing a 20% increase in viewership with an anticipated 8% rise in Connected TV usage long term.


Invest time in your business to refine strategy and conduct an analysis. 

For those who previously “never had time to catch up,” spending a business day assessing your organization’s operational, financial and communications strategies, now is the time! 

  1. Develop or refine your communications strategy at the local level by using digital tools to connect to your peers, clients and associates that keep your business relevant
  2. Conduct training for employees. 
  3. Conduct a SWOT Analysis or Strategic Plan to position your business for the future 
  4. Assess or improve your current digital assets: website update, SEO, photo and video catalogues
  5. Maintain or grow your digital advertising strategy. 


Keep Calm and Advertise On. 

Staying true to your pre-planned digital strategy will deliver a return. As your competitors adjust, you are better positioned to create long term impact, tailor your message and increase sales. Businesses will also be able to secure better pricing, rates or frequency during this economic downturn. From a messaging perspective, depriving consumers of a company’s message will only result in a longer return to normality once things re-stabilize because this will not last forever. 

A Nielsen study revealed that “Staying put can lead to almost a 60% increase in the amount of content watched. “Considering that consumers around the globe are already leaning into the growing ray of content options and channels, a 60% increase is significant.”

For assistance with your digital presence, advertising strategy or media support, contact Digital Tulip today to learn more about the tools available to your business during this time that will soon pass.