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The Social Media Pie Part 2- Instagram

By April 18, 2016Uncategorized

Instagram has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds over the past couple years. Facebook now owns Instagram which gives it a powerful foundation to learn from. Instagram launched publicly in October 2010. If it’s growth in the past six years is any indicator of it’s staying power, it’s here to stay. There are many platforms that the millennial’s frequent but the majority of them use Instagram. Mostly because their parents and grandparent’s aren’t on there, they are over on Facebook. Guess where the kids used to be? Facebook. So it’s an evolution if you will. The younger generations find the sites and essentially make them popular and us old folks catch up slowly and they become mainstream.

Here are a few reasons your business should be on Instagram:

1. It’s All About the Photos: Why write a long post when you can post a photo, or a product, or a  service that you offer? If you’re scrolling down your newsfeed, which one’s are you mostly likely to stop at? Those with pictures! Pictures convey so much more than text to your audience. They convey emotions, ideas, thoughts, and reality. These are some things that you loose through text. Photos bring your audience into your world, right where you need them!

2. It Showcase’s Your Brand’s Personality: People love to feel connected to other people. Photos are a solid way to showcase the people and philosophy behind your brand.  Spontaneous photos of your employees or personal photos or your life are a strong way to connect with your audience. Is your brand young and funky? Or is it more refined and sophisticated? Either way, your photos can portray this personality quicker and more effectively than any text post ever could.

3. Includes a New Video Function: Now not only can you find connectivity with photos, you can go deeper and talk to your audience! You can show operations or product demos, or whatever it is you want to showcase for your business. The best part may be that the video’s play automatically in your feed. Your audience will see your videos.

Digital Tulip would love to share more insights on how to use Instagram to work for your business. We would love to create a tangible strategy for your brand and show you how to execute that strategy to drive increased revenue.